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On The Record (Series One Trailer)

From a small acorn of an idea from PJ into a mighty oak, lots of trailers, lots of 15 minute features, a total of 61 videos done and here is the first trailer for series one…it’s been a labour of love and I hope you find it as fascinating watching it as we did making it! 🙂

And here is the second trailer for series one, the first of the full 15 minute interviews launches on New Years Day at 8pm GMT



Welcome to On the Record…

In the New Year look out for the forthcoming, in depth, documentary series ‘On The Record’ where people talk about how their lives and work became totally consumed by their love for music and it’s inspiration.

The first episode will air on 1st January 2013, 8pm GMT here – and check back for future episodes coming soon!

I’m always interested in connecting with new people, musicians, artists, and so on – so please visit the blogroll to find out more.