On The Record with Babble Part 1

On The Record is an in depth music interview series, we interview the musicians and technicians who devote their lives to music making. We start with their earliest music influences for inspiration junkies like ourselves, then we move on to their thoughts on live music and what the music business means to them, especially but not exclusively at local and unsigned level.

Many of the contributors can be found on this You Tube channel if they capture your hearts or imagination.

You are absolutely welcome to join our facebook page to watch or join in with the discussions or to get links to any of the contributors. Do not be put off about the title of ‘Worcestershire’ scene as this covers bands who have played here from all over the country or even planet and the artists who have come to stay in Worcester and those who have left to go elsewhere….music is bigger than any place!


And here are the promotional trailers for the first episode:


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About beatsandpoets

Music enthusiast, regular gig goer especially local and unsigned acts. Vinyl Junkie, occasional poet and blogger, local film and music documentary maker.

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