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New Age Betsy: Finding the Spiritual Family

Betsy Duff

I come from what I like to consider a  ‘spiritually driven’ family. Although I am probably the only one in the clan to have adopted a New Age slant, there is no doubt that the rest of my immediate biological family live from the heart and spirit. My mum and the majority of her side of the family are Catholic, my dad and sister are Atheists, but they are each equally driven by things that set their creative souls alight whether they deem themselves ‘spiritual’ or not.

My dad and sister are both creative writers in their spare time, pouring their hearts into one novel after another for the sheer love of it. My dad will fall into a trance listening to practically any genre of music in a pitch black room, remaining far from our realm for hours on end. My sister is an extrovert and a proud feminist, fierce and…

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