7 online trends mid-twenties millennials have to try (and often fail) to forget

Betsy Duff

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I’ll be 26 this year and this has got me all reflective and shit.

So this time nearly a decade ago I was probably lying in the foetal position, due to being a loner misfit, sick of pretending to enjoy the start of the six-week Summer Holidays. The Summer of 2008 marked the end of high school life – which was pretty unbearable – and the terrifying transition into college. Additionally this particular Summer got off to a frickin’ flyer, as I had just experienced my first and by far the worst ever heartbreak.

I recall countless mornings of entering the kitchen to say hi to the rents, only for my ‘hey, I’m feeling much better today-‘ to crumble into a theatrical sob.

But it was OK. I didn’t have to suffer in solitude anymore! Because this year also saw the birth of mine and many of my school-peers’ Facebook

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My healthy, happy week: stepping out of my comfort zone and into faith

‘The Weeping Warrior’: a story by Betsy Duff

Betsy Duff

The Weeping Warrior

Out of the darkness, they returned.

The footsteps of 100,000 warriors marched across the ruins of the Capital.

The fight was over.

Wiping the sweat from their brow, one warrior swooped low and scooped up a small stone, a piece of rubble, from the ground, lifting it upwards until they and the stone were about five feet tall.

Rubbing the stone between their index finger and thumb, the warrior examined it with a cat-like fixation, looking for evidence of its former identity, its former powers.

And then, with a dramatic flick of the forearm, the stone was catapulted into the distance, into nothingness. Lost among the debris, this stone bore no significance to the warrior. And remain insignificant it shall. That was the right of the warriors. For the debris had once been the foundations of a ghastly rumour that spread through humankind like a disease.


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On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 4)

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 4)

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On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 3)

On The Record With Nick J Townsend (Part 3)

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On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 2)

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 2)

Nick J Townsend talks frankly and openly about his difficult early years in this edition of On The Record, the fact that he turned out to be one of the nicest people I have ever met is a testament to his character and his will to overcome adversity…in true American TV style…here’s Nick’s story! 🙂

the full episode is followed by a trailer for this