My healthy, happy week: stepping out of my comfort zone and into faith

Betsy Duff

Hey soul searchers!

It’s been a heck of a week at work for Betsy Duff. Kayaking and raft building at a Team Away Day on Monday, a flashy corporate dinner on Tuesday, a large-scale art exhibit on Thursday, and a bit of team frisbeeing in the office garden (yep, we have a garden) in between. Needless to say I am SO lucky to work here. For anyone who doesn’t know, I run corporate events at the University of Worcester, where I also graduated with a First in Drama & Performance Studies.

meraftingIn addition to all the crazy fun going on in the workplace, I’ve lost 5lbs in the last 2 weeks by giving my body what she needs more than what my Ego craves. More cashew nuts and fruit than chocolate and pizza. I highly recommend Mel Wells’ The Goddess Revolution for her body love wisdom. She sparked my inspiration…

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New Age Betsy: Finding the Spiritual Family

Betsy Duff

I come from what I like to consider a  ‘spiritually driven’ family. Although I am probably the only one in the clan to have adopted a New Age slant, there is no doubt that the rest of my immediate biological family live from the heart and spirit. My mum and the majority of her side of the family are Catholic, my dad and sister are Atheists, but they are each equally driven by things that set their creative souls alight whether they deem themselves ‘spiritual’ or not.

My dad and sister are both creative writers in their spare time, pouring their hearts into one novel after another for the sheer love of it. My dad will fall into a trance listening to practically any genre of music in a pitch black room, remaining far from our realm for hours on end. My sister is an extrovert and a proud feminist, fierce and…

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‘The Weeping Warrior’: a story by Betsy Duff

Betsy Duff

The Weeping Warrior

Out of the darkness, they returned.

The footsteps of 100,000 warriors marched across the ruins of the Capital.

The fight was over.

Wiping the sweat from their brow, one warrior swooped low and scooped up a small stone, a piece of rubble, from the ground, lifting it upwards until they and the stone were about five feet tall.

Rubbing the stone between their index finger and thumb, the warrior examined it with a cat-like fixation, looking for evidence of its former identity, its former powers.

And then, with a dramatic flick of the forearm, the stone was catapulted into the distance, into nothingness. Lost among the debris, this stone bore no significance to the warrior. And remain insignificant it shall. That was the right of the warriors. For the debris had once been the foundations of a ghastly rumour that spread through humankind like a disease.


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On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 4)

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 4)

In the final episode of On The Record, Nick J Townsend talks about the power of visuals and video film making

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 3)

On The Record With Nick J Townsend (Part 3)

Nick talks about the bands he’s been in and his observations on new young bands and their attitudes and behaviours after many years of promoting Rock and Metal events. We also take a slight discourse into his band’s own rock and roll behaviours but please note, no secretaries were harmed in the making of this video!

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 2)

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 2)

Nick J Townsend talks frankly and openly about his difficult early years in this edition of On The Record, the fact that he turned out to be one of the nicest people I have ever met is a testament to his character and his will to overcome adversity…in true American TV style…here’s Nick’s story! 🙂

the full episode is followed by a trailer for this

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 1)

On The Record with Nick J Townsend (Part 1)

On The Record starts a four part journey with Weak13 band leader Nick J Townsend on his early music influences and inspirations, over the next episodes we cover event promotions and video production….highly recommended viewing 🙂